Frequently asked questions

When will you be shipping the gloves?

Depending on the perk, the gloves and socks will be shipping throughout January, February and March 2020.

All shipments will be made in order of Contribution ID. We are working to bring you the highest quality products possible, thank you for your patience.

Are the gloves touch-screen friendly?

Yes, Candle gloves are designed to be touch-screen friendly. The thumb and index finger have a special fabric that works with your touch screens.

How can I wash the gloves?

Candle gloves are made to be durable and machine washable. Just remember to unplug and remove the battery ;)

What is your exchange policy?

If there is a need for an exchange, we will need to charge for the shipping both ways as we are a startup and work with a limited budget. Thank you all for understanding.

All exchange requests must be submitted within 30 days of receiving your indiegogo reward. We will exchange your gloves or socks as long as they are unworn outside, returned with the original packaging and you have the original receipt.

What kind of warranty do you have?

Our gloves come with a 1-year warranty - if you have any problems with the product, send them back and we'll get you a new pair! We just ask that you pay the shipping costs both ways, as we are a startup and working with a limited budget. Thank you for understanding.

What's the best way to get customer support?

Please email hello[at]candleapparel.com. All emails will be reviewed between 9am - 6pm PST and replied to as promptly as possible.

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